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Transmission Models

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4L60E/4L65E Super Master Transmission Rebuild Kit (1997-2003) Deep Filter


4L60E/4L65E Super Master Transmission Rebuild Kit (1997-2003) Deep Filter

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Product Description

4L60E 4L65E 1997-2003 SUPER MASTER REBUILD KIT w/ Raybestos Powertrain HIGH PERFORMANCE KOLENE STEELS & Z PACK Upgrade PLUS HD Sun Shell

This kit isn't for the rebuilder who just wants to freshen up their 4L60E or 4L65E transmission.  

Our Super Master Rebuild Kits are designed for rebuilders who want to take their 4L60Es and 4L65Es to the next level.  

Super Master Rebuild Kit Includes

  • Precision International 1993-2003 4L60E 4L65E Overhaul Kit with Piston Lip Seals and Farpak Pan Gasket
  • Raybestos 700R4 4L60E Z-Pack High Performance 3-4 Clutch Enhancement Pack
  • Raybestos 4L60E High Performance Kolene Steel Module
  • Raybestos 700R4 4L60E Pro Series Kevlar Heavy Duty 2-4 Band
  • Super Heavy Duty Aftermarket Sun Gear Reaction Shell
  • 700R4 4L60E High Performance Corvette 2-4 Servo
  • 4L60E Master Bushing Kit (13 Bushings)
  • 4L60E Master Thrust Washer Kit w/ 4 Selective Washers
  • High Quality Deep 4L60E Filter
  • 4L60E Low/ Reverse Clutch Pack
  • 4L60E Forward Clutch Pack
  • 4L60E Reverse Input Clutch Pack
  • 4L60E OverRun Clutch Pack
  • Container of Soft (Blue) Assemblee Goo (16 oz)

This 4L60E Transmission Overhaul Kit with Lip Seals, manufactured in the United States by Precision International, includes the basic seals, gaskets, o-rings and filters necessary to rebuild GM 4L60E transmissions from 1993-2003.    

Benefits of Precision International Overhaul Kits from

  • High Grade Material Construction.  Unlike other transmission kit manufactures, Precision International’s overhaul kits contain parts made from high quality rubber & fiber materials.
  • Precision International Kits are Made in the USA to superior quality standards, which ensure the parts you will receive meet or exceed the OEM specifications.  So, when you rebuild your transmission using a Precision International overhaul kit you are rebuilding your transmission to better then factory specs.     
  • Precision International kits are packaged friendly for the rebuilder.  You won’t just be receiving a bag of parts when you order one of our kits.  The parts in our kits are well packaged, which means less time wasted searching for something you think should be there that isn’t.
  • Always Stocked in Our Warehouse & Ready to Ship!

Detailed Listing of Parts this 4L60E / 4L65E Overhaul Kit Contains

  • Upper Valve Body Gasket, 1993-2000 (OEM # 8681603)
  • Lower Valve Body Gasket, 1993-2000 (OEM # 8681606)
  • Upper Valve Body Gasket, 2001-UP (OEM # 24211920)
  • Lower Valve Body Gasket, 2001-UP (OEM # 24211921)
  • Valve Body Check Ball Set of 8 (OEM # 8631975)
  • Metal Clad Front Pump Oil Seal (OEM # 24202535)
  • Oil Pan Gasket – Cork or Farpak (OEM # 8642360)
  • Pump Bolt O-Ring Kit (PI SUB-K3301 / OEM # 8654341)
  • Electrical O-Ring & Filter Seal Kit (PI SUB-K3302)
  • Accumulator Piston O-Ring Kit (PI SUB-K3303)
  • Piston Lip Seal Kit (PI SUB-K3304)
  • Pump Filters & Screens (PI SUB-K3305)
  • 2-4 Servo Inner & Outer Housing O-Ring Kit (PI SUB-K3307 / OEM #’s 8642112 & 8647351)
  • Transmission Cooler Seal & Output Shaft Snap Ring Kit (PI SUB-K33101A)
  • Pressure Manifold Seal Kit (PI SUB-K3318)
  • Force Motor & Shift Solenoid Filter Screen Kit (PI SUB-K33768 / OEM #’s 8683768 & 8683769)
  • 2-4 Servo Spring Kit (PI SUB-K33799A / OEM # 8654391)
  • Upgraded TCC Regulator Valve Spring (PI SUB K-33799B)
  • Teflon Sealing Ring Kit w/ 11 Rings (PI SUB-K33901E)
  • Pump Outside O-Ring
  • 4WD Extension Housing O-Ring
  • 2WD Extension Housing O-Ring
  • Pump to Case Gasket (PI # 33702A)
  • 2WD Extension Housing Oil Seal (PI # 8850A)
  • 4L60E/4L65E Specific Rebuild Technical Sheets
  • Recommended Torque Specs
  • Bolt Information
  • Electrical Resistance
  • Valve Body Check Ball Locations
  • Solenoid Chart



Precision International is a worldwide supplier of quality products for import and domestic automatic transmissions. As well as supplying an extensive aftermarket customer base, Precision International also provides products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Precision International is dedicated to providing the highest quality product that meets or exceeds the manufactures recommended specifications.  This means when you use a Precision International Overhaul Kit on when rebuilding your transmission, you are using the finest rebuild kits on the market today.

This 4L60E steel module has been engineered for high performance by Raybestos Powertrain.  Raybestos Powertrain GM 4L60E Kolene steel clutch plates are high quality engineered high performance products.  Kolene is a salt bath nitriding process.  In generic terms, it is thermochemical diffusion process, whereby ferrous parts are processsed in molten salt with a specific nitrogen potential.  In other words, Raybestos 4L60E Kolene steels provide a surface treatment that enhances wear and fatigue resistance from 200% to 500%.  

Advantages of Raybestos Powertrain's 4L60E Kolene Steel Module

  • Enhances wear resistance 200% to 500%
  • Enhances fatigue resistance 200% to 500%
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Increased lubricity
  • Surface treated
  • Engineered for high performance
  • Superior clutch durabliity

When you pair this high performance steel moduel with a high energy 4L60E friction module, you are putting the highest quality parts available at one of the lowest costs found online.  

Listing of Frictions in the Raybestos High-Energy Friction/Clutch Pack

  • (5) Forward Clutches with Grooves (OEM # 24232517)
  • (2) Overrun Clutches (OEM # 8673253)
  • (5) Low – Reverse Clutches (OEM # 24216946)
  • (4) Reverse Input Clutches (OEM # 8663080)

3-4 Z-Pak Clutch System

700R4 | 4L60 | 4L60E


Takes the Heat Without Coning 

Instructions Included!
ZPak single sided clutch system w/ the revolutionary X-32 friction material outperforms both single-sided and double-sided original equipment clutch assemblies in torque capacity, durabilityand heat resistance

7 Steps to Ultimate Clutch Performance

  1. Use a 1988 or later input drum, identified by narrow snap ring groove and a 0.093'' 3-4 snap ring.
  2. Used only a 3-4 apply ring measuring 3.675'' +/- 0.005'' inches tall, commonly referenced as a Number 7 apply ring.  This stamped steel ring rests on top of the 3-4 piston.  The number '7' is stamped into the part for identification.  The OEM number is 8685043.
  3. Pre-soak all friction plates in automatic transmission fluid (ATF) prior to final assembly.
  4. First, install the special grooved apply plate (bottom) with the groove facing upward.  Do not attempt to install the narrow external spline friction plate, with "TOP" printed on it, into the machined groove.  Set it aside until Step 6.
  5. Install the friction plates, beginning with an external spline friction plate with friction material facing upward (away from the special grooved apply plate), then an internal spline friction plate with friction material facing upward, continue alternating until you  have installed seven external spline friction plates and seven internal spline friction plates.
  6. Important! Install the special external spline friction plate, identified by the narrow band of friction material, with the word "TOP" facing up.  This eternal spline plate does not look like any of the others.  It is critical to install this plate last.  Using it anywhere else in the pack will damage the clutch pack and void the warranty. NOTE:  Use of load release springs is optional.  Use of load release springs recommend for RPM above 5000.
  7. Finally, install the .145'' pressure plate provided, followed by the factory snap ring.  Clearance should be within the 0.050''-0.07'' range.  If not, install optional external spline shim to adjust clearance to 0.050''-0.070'' if necessary.  It is recommenced to check actual piston travel by placing a dial indicator on the backing plate and apply air to the third clutch feed.  If clearance is measured with feeler gauges, it is important to measure in two places at the same time, 180 degrees apart, for even loading of the pressure plate.  Failure to do so may cause incorrect end play reading.

2-4 Band, Raybestos, Pro Series High Energy, 700R4/4L6OE/4L65E (1987-Up)

With a Pro Series High Energy 2-4 Band for a 700R4/4L60E/4L65E made by Raybestos, you know you have nothing to worry about.  The High Energy friction coating has been proven to wear less and last longer than the OEM 2-4 band.  This means you can rest easy knowing that inferior parts aren't going to cut your rebuilt transmissions life short.  The Pro Series 2-4 Band paired with a Corvette Servo Assembly (by OMS, LLC, item # 1091), makes for a high performance combination that will speed your shifts up dramatically!


  • Greater mechanical strength
  • Higher co-efficient of friction competitors' high-energy bands
  • Heat-treated anchors for added strength on specific applications
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Resistance to extreme heat (up to 700º F)
  • A significant increase in durability
  • Higher holding capacity
  • Stable when exposed to high-energy conditionas
  • Affordable performance for every rebuild
  • Reduced risk of overheating steel plates
Kolene is a registered trademark of the Kolene Corporation


HD Reaction Shell

This is an extra heavy duty washer style sun shell that is an aftermarket upgrade over the OEM sun shell in GM's 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions.  The OEM 700R4/4L60E sun shell is a weak point in the transmission and is recommended to be upgraded on the rebuild.

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