4T65E Master Transmission Rebuild Kit (2001-2002)

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GM 4T65E Automatic Transmission Master Rebuild Kit

Does not fit Volvo Applications


This is a complete 4T65E master rebuild kit with a complete bushing kit and all required bands!

Rebuild Your 4T65E automatic transmission to better then OEM factory specifications!



  • Gasket & Seal Overhaul Kit - This overhaul kit will contain all the gaskets, seals, o-rings and metal clad seals contained in your 2001-2002 GM 4T65E transmission.
  • Steel Plate Module - All the steel plates (minus apply plates) you'll need for a complete replacement.
  • Oil Filter - We source only the highest quality oil filters from well respected manufactures to ensure you put the best parts in your transmission.
  • Raybestos Clutch Plate Module  - The clutch plate module you'll receive will be specific to your year range 4T65E transmission.  
  • High Energy Forward/Rear Band 
  • High Energy Front/Reverse Band
  • High Energy 2-1 Coast/Center Band
  • Piston Kit - New high quality OEM pistons
  • Bushing Kit - Our master rebuild kits contain COMPLETE bushing kits!  Most suppliers only kit the bushings they think you'll need.  We want you to have the ability to replace every bushing in your 4T65E if needed.  If you don't need bushings please see our line of Basic Master Rebuild Kits for a more toned down selection of parts.


This Master Rebuild Kit will not work on Volvo 4T65E paddle shift transmissions.  Please see our other listings or contact us if you have any questions!