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Transmission Models

Transmission Models

Valve Body Remanufacturing Process

Benifits of Buying a Rebuilt Valve Body from

  • We teardown, inspect, clean then reinspect every part to ensure only the highest quality OEM parts are used in our GM transmisison valve bodies.
  • It is our mission to sell the very best parts on the market.  Therefore, only the highest quality aftermarket parts are used in our remanufactured valve bodies.  
  • Every valve body we sell has been tested to ensure its proper function.  
  • You can customize our "drop-in-ready solutions" to fit your application.
  • We are here to help!  

Transmission Valve Body Remanufacturing Process

4L60E VB Remain A

 The following 5 Stage Remanufacturing Process briefly oulines our rebuild process.

Stage 1

Every valve body that enters our shop goes through an initial inspection to ensure quality.  Any valve body or parts that do not pass out strict quality standards are disgarded.  Only parts that are 100% free from defects move onto the next stage.


Stage 2

The useable valve body is then completly disassembled and placed into our state of the art wash system where it is cleaned using a special cocentrate which strips the parts of any buildup.  The parts are then reinspected and any part that is not brought back to OEM condition is disgarded and replaced with a new part.

4L60E VB Stage 3


Stage 3

Valve bodies and their components are brought to an assembly station, where a trained techinican will begin the reassembly process based on a work order.  At OMS we stock hundreds of different valve body configurations, but we also provide custom setups to customers if they’d prefer.  No matter the configuration, all valve bodies remanufactured by OMS come standard with:

4L60E VB Remain J

  • New Seals
  • Any recommended manufacture upgrades to springs or valve setup are completed.
  • Either new or tested and cleaned used electronics
  • A detent roller and bolt

Stage 4

Once the valve body is reassembled, it is ready to move onto our quality control department where the valve body assembly will undergo its final test.  The following are checked to ensure properfunction.

  • Valves are tested for proper operation and seal.
  • All electronic components are tested.
  • One final cleanliness check before packaging.

Any assembly that does not meet our strict quality guidlines are rejected and sent back to assembly.

Stage 5

After the valve body passes final inspection the assembly is treated and sealed until being opened by our customer.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our remanufactured GM vavle bodies!